Skylar Grey Is Desperately Seeking Love on Her Fifty Shades Song

Skylar Grey's "I Know You" is the latest leak from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack. The songs released so far have been slow, dragging ballads that sound like the score to a stroll through a dark alley. This is similar but more of a desperate plea for love that capitalizes on Grey's slightly smoky vocals.

I actually am drawn to the hook on here, but not so much everything around it. The subject is misery-inducing yearning, which is in contrast to Ellie Goulding's more hopeful "Love You Like I Do" or the sexier falsetto tracks ("Earned It") by The Weekend, who always seems to me like he's singing while creep-watching you from behind a door, one eye hidden. There's also Sia's "Salted Wound."

"I Know You" builds its somber piano into a rush of emotions and lyrics about losing innocence and holding onto something unrequited: "I have been patient/ But slowly I'm losing faith," she sings. Do I like it? Almost.


The Fifty Shades soundtrack officially releases on Feb. 10.

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For a movie about spanking? i feel like the soundtrack is so romance novel-y. Like Twilight?

If I'm watching a movie about screwing a super hot dude with light bondage I want more bass and thumping.