Lady Lobs Rock for the Right to Vote in First Suffragette Trailer

Brendan Gleeson delivering a misogynist rant + Meryl Streep firmly whispering “ Never surrender. Never give up the fight” in a fake British accent + Carey Mulligan scurrying around and looking worried in early 20th century garb = we’re going to Suffragette for Jezebel Movie night!

Suffragette is the story of suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst (played by Streep), whose fight helped women in Great Britain get limited voting rights in 1918. In addition to Gleeson and Mulligan, the film co-stars Helena Bonham Carter and Ben Winshaw.

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omg I hope they put Edith Garrud in it!!!

(who is Edith Garrud, you ask? ONLY the first female martial arts expert in Britain, who trained her fellow suffragettes in jiu-jitsu so they could serve as a bodyguard for Pankhurst. THEY CARRIED CLUBS UNDER THEIR SKIRTS, PROPLE.)