Drake is Just Being Drake in New Leaked Song With Beyoncé

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“All we ever talk about it me,” Drake mewls on “Can I,” a leaked song with Bey on the hook that hit the internet last night in full Drake confessional glory. Another track in which emo Drake lets it rip that he’s kind of an asshole but right now he’s ready to put that aside for you, baby.


We do not get a proper denouement to this because the track is clearly unfinished—the fledgling Sal Houdini, who is featured, is apparently learning the hard way that if you send around a jam with two of the biggest pop artists in the world to “a few people” “for fun,” that shit is gonna end up on the internet! Sorry Sal. Regardless, there is a lot of blank space on this track so ideally we’ll hear a little more Bey on the final cut—ideally giving the woman’s perspective on this no doubt rousing potential duet about Drake bringing a woman to his old haunt in the 6, opening up... just enough.

Listen to “Can I” here while you can. Here are five basic-man things that Drake says in this clip that I find non-sexual:

“I try to be consistent but I cant”

“Have an honest moment with you right now”

“All we ever talk about is me”

“Finally take the time and open up to you”

“Cause that’s the side you never get to see”

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“Drake mewls”

You know I never put it together before I read that, but this is the most apt descriptor for his vocal style I have ever encountered.

Thank you.