Courtney Barnett Beats Ennui With a Street Party in Her New Video

Courtney Barnett’s “Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go To The Party” is probably one of the most lyrically relatable songs of the year in that it includes the line “I wanna go out but I wanna stay home,” shedding light on the fundamental dilemma that is the FOMO-fearing homebody.


Obviously, the way to solve that problem is to just have a party at your house. Barnett splits the difference in the video, playing an outdoor show in Camden for some randos, busking of sorts, and tantalizing streetgoers into pogoing and lite headbanging with her big, open pop hooks and fealty to a Beatles-style harmony by way of Melbourne. (Your boy Kurt Cobain comes to mind, too.) This is from the album Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit, one of the more critically lauded rock jammers of the year, and full of smart songs that encapsulate the intricacies and the beautiful banalities of this dumb thing called life. Get into it.

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Can I just say how much I love Courtney Barnett? This album is the absolute shiznit. Her wordplay is sick and her delivery is sublime. Avant Gardener was my song of last spring. You have to love her intonations to like her live, but since I do, it was awesome.