'Tidal Lacks Overall Proficiency': Guesses for Kanye's New Album Title T.L.O.P.

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“There may be a new secret album title,” tweeted Kanye West on Monday, between tweets about his to-do list and horrible-looking previews of the “wifeylooks” for his upcoming NYFW show. Then, intriguingly, he tweeted the acronym “T.L.O.P.”


Free Yeezys!

Well. Though we’ve only got two days left till the release, who knows what the title’s actually gonna be: Kanye has floated Swish, Waves, and So Help Me God already and continues to change his mind in public. But we want those free Yeezys so we can sell them and rent out Spa Castle for a week or whatever, so here are some of our best guesses for T.L.O.P.

The Land of Pussy: otherwise known as Jezebel ;)

Torrential Loads of Poontang: same

Taupe Lilac Olive Puce: the only colors he lets Kim wear and/or the colorway of Yeezy Season 3


Tau Lambda Omega Phi: Kanye frat!

Tweeting Loads of Practicality: Lead with your mission statement, etc

The Laws of Power: Good for the companion book about corporate management

Title Lacks Originality, People: Self-explanatory

Tidal Lacks Overall Proficiency: Also self-explanatory

The Life of Pi: Kanye’s gotten really into Yann Martel lately

Time Line Over Powered: Kanye is overwhelmed with the generalized ennui that comes with the sense that, on social media, we willingly bombard ourselves with minutia whose degrees of importance become flattened and imperceptible


Here are some guesses from the crowd:


Here’s the last one, promise.


What do you think?

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