It's Monday Afternoon and the Grammys Have Already Started

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Good afternoon everyone—I’d like to stress that it is currently lunchtime in Los Angeles—the 58th Grammys have begun.


Already, Taylor Swift won an award, because of course she has.


She also managed to pull another cutesy stunt because, again, duh.

This morning, Giuliana Rancic tweeted that E! would begin its red carpet coverage at 1 PM pacific time. It’s not that I didn’t believe her, I just looked at my clock which read “9:05 AM” and realized that you’d probably have to start getting dressed right then to be ready in time for that arrival.

Apparently the Grammys always begin this early, but something about it being on a Monday is really throwing me off. If you’re interested in the 17 million awards that they’ll be handing out this AFTERNOON, you can check out the Grammys livestream here.

I’d also like to note that according to my iPhone, it is 88 degrees in Los Angeles right now. I am still in my pajamas and have yet to have lunch because it’s not even past one but people are in tuxedos and gowns and lots of makeup and are sitting in a theater accepting Grammys. On a Monday.


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This is weird.

I mean, I’d have thought whoever’s in charge of scheduling this would have wanted people to watch it.