New Ghostbusters Trailer Shows Ghostly Chaos, Possible Man Trouble

Sony Pictures has dropped a second trailer for Ghostbusters, due to hit theaters in July. This one features glimpses of New York City overrun with ghosts, as well as callbacks to the original—including an appearance by the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, who looks much less cute these days.


There are also some plot hints. It looks like overeager office manager Chris Hemsworth winds up possessed and creating problems for the all-lady ghostbusting team, which sounds about right.

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SO EXCITED! Fuck you, haters... and a special Fuck You to Cinemassacre for taking such a BRAVE stance for nerddom by not only refusing to see and review it, but encouraging us to do the same.

Fuck you, James. You just lost a longtime fan with your fucking gatekeeping.