New Garbage Song Sounds Just Like Old Garbage Songs and Thank God For That

In advance of their sixth studio album, Strange Little Birds, Shirley Manson and her Garbage bandmates have released a video for its first single, “Empty.” From the video’s opening, with a pink-haired Manson spinning slowly as though suspended in time (which, I mean, look at her), it’s clear that this is the same Garbage many of us have been listening to for two decades.


Sure, their abrasive mixture of pounding guitar, electric buzzes, and general woe sounds like something straight out of 1998, but there’s something comforting about the band’s resistance to change. I was able to see them a few years ago during their Not Your Kind of People tour, and was pleasantly surprised to hear two hours of hit after hit after hit—each flowing effortlessly into the next. “Empty,” thank goodness, would fit right in.

Staff Writer, Jezebel | Man

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Did you see this yet?

Can also be filed under “Garbage”

(Love Shirley Manson though and she looks/sounds FAB)