Gwen Stefani's New Song Makes Love Sound Like Euthanasia, But the Video Is Pretty

“Put me out of my misery,” as a chorus, brings to mind merciful euthanization. But in Gwen Stefani’s estimation on “Misery,” a truly catchy song, it’s more like analogizing her lover’s bod to, like, methadone, insofar that she passionately informs him that he’s “like drugs! you’re like drugs! to me!”


It’s no less grim as a concept than the dog-catcher rounding up the troops, yet it’s highly singable, its chorus and intonations fully of the Haim/Dev Hynes variety, a 2010s fashionable lens on a haze of rose-colored Phil Collins lite funk pop. The video is not a literal interpretation, thank god—the Gwen-Blake syrup is easy to overdose on, should only be taken in moderation—and yet it doesn’t quite have a cohesive theme, other than:

1. Gwen Stefani is pretty

2. Gwen Stefani is fashionable

3. Gwen Stefani’s make-up artist is a G

4. Gwen Stefani’s art directors have heard of Les Sapeurs, and these dancers are also fashionable.

Stefani’s designers, Rob Zangardi & Mariel Haenn, fitted her in loads of chiffon, inspired by recent Dolce & Gabbana collections but possibly personally crafted by Zangardi himself, a wispy theme concurrent through it all. Here’s a callback to La Gwen’s, ahem, love for Mexican culture with a Frida look:

And more D&G vapors, this time a little flamenco:


However, the true “put me out of my misery” moment comes early on, when our ability to fully enjoy this fashion mag photo shoot expires thanks to some very dumb cornrows. Love the song!


Gwen Stefani has been exploiting the euthanasia for years.