At Last, Here's a Trailer for Issa Rae's HBO Show Insecure

The first trailer for Issa Rae’s HBO series Insecure is finally here, after enduring the treacherous Hollywood pilot cycle. The show, a worthy follow-up to her popular web series The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl, premieres this fall.


Fans have been dying to see some semblance of Awkward Black Girl on TV as a reward both for her and us, even more so when the project was picked up in 2013 with Larry Wilmore attached. In the trailer, Issa Rae stands in front of a classroom as one student asks, “Why you talk like a white girl?”

It’s just 49 seconds—a white lady asks what “on fleek” means; Issa forces an awkward fist bump—but seems to have a similar tone as the series: witty, irreverent and topical. “Black women aren’t bitter,” Issa tells the class. “We’re just tired of being expected to settle for less.”


Culture Editor, Jezebel

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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

That looked very promising. HBO desperately needs a hit/prestige show. Aside from GOT and John Oliver, they’re not exactly a lock for prestige programming anymore. Their cancellation of ‘Vinyl’ is a big blow for them.