Take a Peek at Cynthia Nixon as Emily Dickinson in the Trailer for A Quiet Passion

Here is the trailer for A Quiet Passion, a film about the life of the famously reclusive Emily Dickinson from director Terence Davies, starring Cynthia Nixon. Featured: some very deliberate reading of lines from Dickinson poems.


Indiewire says:

A new festival trailer for the period drama was just released and showcases Cynthia Nixon as the renowned artist as she struggles with the world around her.

“A Quiet Passion” is a unique insight into Dickinson’s life and obsessions, and follows the writer from her schoolgirl days in Amherst, Massachusetts to her years writing in near-total isolation, where she produced over a thousand poems that are now regarded as the finest and most inventive in American literature.

Please note the appearance of Jennifer Ehle, Lizzie Bennet herself, as Emily’s sister Lavinia. Looks like quietly seething buttoned-up 19th century New Englanders are very well represented, and yet these two minutes of footage certainly emit distinct not-often-leaving-a-slightly-spooky-Massachusetts-home vibes.

The film is due out in the U.K. November 18; no word yet on the America release. (Rude.)

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I think this looks bad, or like a badly cut trailer.