What Are Rihanna & Drake Doing?

Nope, not talking about their dating status—I doubt we’ll ever know until Drake drops six months’ rent on a ring. But something, somewhere, somehow, might be happening.


It started with this tweet from Drake’s label, OVO:

Sure, we’ve all seen that extra-ass billboard, presumably in lieu of flowers for her Video Vanguard win at the VMAs on Sunday. But the hashtag—#welcometothefamily—was new. Let’s assume Drake did not propose, and that this means that Rihanna is now somehow affiliated with Drake’s label in an official fashion. (Jezebel has emailed Rihanna’s label Roc Nation for comment, and will update when we hear back.)

A website that popped up this morning, though, may indicate OVO is just trolling: Drake and Rihanna dot com features nothing but a countdown to September 9, and the OVO logo. After much speculation that it held clues to a collaborative album, Pitchfork confirmed it’s a fake.

So what could that site even be? Here are some ideas:

-Someone’s opening a car dealership

-Someone’s opening a rave shower chain

-Someone is about to publish some epic fanfic

- Drake & Rihanna, the Broadway Musical (Lin-Manuel Miranda plays both parts)

-175 new “Work” remixes by Soundcloud producers

-.Gif farm

- “App”

Will these two stop being so mysterious!!!



They went to the Aquarium by the CN Tower and he got her a stuffed shark?

I don’t know about you guys but that seems like a perfectly wonderful time to me.

(In fact, it’s what I’m doing tomorrow for my birthday treat to myself - including a fancy dinner at said CN Tower)