And Here is the Trailer for Fifty Shades Darker

The Fifty Shades franchise marches onward, with the next installment due out Valentine’s Day 2017, and in fact here is the trailer for Fifty Shades Darker. Which is not to be confused with the teaser for the trailer, which debuted yesterday to whet appetites. It’s got Miguel doing a cover of “Crazy in Love” a la Beyoncé’s slowed-down version from the original film, if that interests.


It would appear that in this latest installment, Christian and Ana are back together—“This time, no rules, no punishments, and no more secrets,” she insists—and attending some sort of fancy masquerade. But not, far as I can tell, an Eyes Wide Shut orgy masquerade, which would presumably be too dyed-in-the-wool kinky.

But the real question is: How are Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson getting along these days?

Senior Editor, Attic Haunter, Jezebel

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I know people love this series, but I read the first book and had a terrible time of it (the writing drove me nuts), was bored to death during the movie, but LOVED the soundtrack. So if this soundtrack is as good as the last one, I’ll consider it a win.