Image by MRD.
Image by MRD.

In a world so full of misery and dread, it’s important that you take pleasure in the small things. So why not start by getting everything monogrammed?

I got into monogramming last winter while ordering a pair of pajamas from a niche boutique called J’crew. “Would you like to add a mongram for $10?” the website asked and—after thinking a few seconds on it—I realized that yes, I absolutely did.


Paying $10 to have something personalized is entirely worth it (just make sure you get it done on an item you want—monogramming usually makes items nonreturnable). Why? Because it will make your stuff feel more personal. Also, it’s classy as hell.

You know who else I bet monograms their shit? Oprah. Martha Stewart. Michelle Obama. These are some of our nation’s most powerful women and by monogramming your things, you become one of their peers. They will see you and know... at least 2-3 of your initials.

Look at this beautiful leather tote I recently purchased (pictured above). When people look at me, they’re not thinking Another bitch who shops at Madewell. They’re thinking Another bitch is headed for success... and I love it!

Managing Editor, Jezebel

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