Pitbull, Camila Cabello, & J Balvin Unite to Celebrate Cuba and J Balvin's New Hair

The video for “Hey Ma,” a sort of cerberus of the Latin music industry consisting of three chart powerhouses, brings together Camila Cabello (the one Fifth Harmony person whose name you know, now no longer of Fifth Harmony), Pitbull (my father) and J Balvin (my son) for a lite pop-reggaeton jaunt through Cuba, celebrating old and new cars—and The Fate of the Furious, which made the track its lead soundtrack single.


Mostly this is making me want to go on an island vacation ASAP, but I do have questions. For instance, what is going on with J Balvin’s hair situation? And who did Camila Cabello’s styling? And how fucking psyched was Pitbull to shoot a video in Cuba, where his parents emigrated from before he was born? Especially when he raps, “Pa’lante con la libertad de Cuba/y que la isla entenra suba” while looking up to the sky like god and the angels are delivering him and Cuba into the kingdom.

Another question I have is, how is it possible that there’s another installment in the Fast and the Furious franchise. People really love watching other people drive, huh! At any rate, catch the Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel cameos, too.


And who did Camila Cabello’s styling?

I think it’s neat looking, although . . . did she get butt implants? She seems a little more . . . ample compared to the “Work At Home” video.