Let's All Revisit Some Old Goldie Hawn Movies

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Manhattan’s Quad Cinema (a theater that holds a special place in my heart, as I went there my first night as a New York City resident) has recently undergone a much-publicized renovation during which every little thing—including its notoriously uncomfortable seats—has been upgraded for the enjoyment of the modern moviegoer. And what better way to celebrate a hip, snazzy theater re-opening than with a (excuse me while I cup my hands around my mouth and scream) Goldie Hawn retrospectiiiiiive!!

The series, entitled Golden Goldies, begins this weekend with Steven Spielberg’s theatrical debut The Sugarland Express, and continues over the next five days with screenings of Private Benjamin (written by Nancy Meyers, never forget), Shampoo (both Hawn and Warren Beatty’s hair has never looked better), Swing Shift (the movie that made Hawnssell a thing), Seems Like Old Times (the better of Hawn’s 70s movies with Chevy Chase), Death Becomes Her (which is clunky and way too long but occasionally brilliant), and my two favorites of the bunch, Overboard (probably Hawn’s funniest performance) and The First Wives Club (the best movie of the 90s that doesn’t involve a giant “unsinkable” ship).

I realize this news will only benefit people who live in the New York City area, but it’s so essential for that niche audience to know that I couldn’t help but share and make everyone else seethe with jealousy. But you can still watch these films in the privacy of your own home—I’ll be talking about these films in this space over the following weeks!

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The first time I saw Overboard I laughed so hard I started to cry because I couldn’t laugh any harder. I love her. Period.