Teyana Taylor Wears Only Body Paint and Gets Freaky in Her New 'Drippin' Video

“BOOBS” is, I suppose, the thing you’re supposed to take away from this new NSFW video for Teyana Taylor’s slow jam “Drippin.” But I don’t know, what leaves me reeling is how terribly mastered the sound is on this thing (the bass is so distorted it crumbles instead of booms)—it’s so bad that I initially assumed this was an unofficially leaked rough cut.

Not so, says Taylor’s Twitter. She wants you to see and hear this as is, including these eye-rolling words from Migos member Quavo: “She like when I choke her / She like when I go super masculine.” OK, Quavo. I’ll take your word for it. All of it.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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I couldn’t get past 23 seconds. Sounds like busted speakers in a 1993 Civic.

She looks great, though.