Aubrey Plaza Loves Instagram and Elizabeth Olsen a Little Too Much, In the Trailer for Ingrid Goes West

Hasn’t everyone who’s obsessively followed an Instagram lifestyle influencer thought about moving to the city where they live and somehow ingratiating their way into their life under false pretenses?


This is the loose premise for Ingrid Goes West, a new movie starring Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen. In it, Plaza plays the titular Ingrid, a young woman fresh out of a psychiatric hospital who makes her way to Los Angeles, hot on the trail of her favorite lifestyle blogger, the buttery blonde and #blessed Taylor Sloane (Elizabeth Olsen). Because simply living in the same city as your Instagram-perfect idol is usually not enough, Ingrid’s genius plan is to “steal” Taylor’s dog, return it to her and therefore become her friend. It’s a plan so deviously perfect that there’s no way it won’t blow up in her face!

Plaza plays the deadpan, wild-eyed, deranged ingenue so very well, and Elizabeth Olsen has the look of a sun-streaked-and-hashtag-obsessed Instagram #influencer down pat. Ingrid Goes West opens August 11.

Senior Writer, Jezebel



Influencers are the worst people on social media. I don’t understand the phenomenon of it, I hate the concept of it.

When I hear about what they get paid for hash tags, I want the meteor to land directly on my face to end it all.