Demi Lovato Is (Probably) Not Sorry For This Music Video

Demi Lovato had a novel new idea for the music video accompanying her new song “Sorry Not Sorry”: throw a wild and crazy house party! Damn, she’s innovative.


The video plays like the result of three different videos mashed up into one, bouncing aggressively from glossy studio shots (don’t tell me that hot-tub scene isn’t expertly staged Demi!), iPhone-style selfie vids, and what looks like fake VHS footage. And everything is lit in the soft pink music video lighting of choice post-“Hotline Bling.” Oh and also in it are Jamie Foxx and Paris Hilton, who got her hair stuck in a fan while shooting. And the video is also a Lyft ad. And Demi says she “respects the police” after they threaten to shut down the crazy party at the end of the video.

I’m exhausted! Are you exhausted? Unfortunately no house party will make this song, which sounds like a bad Jessie J cut, good. Sorry not sorry!

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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I love her, and I love this song. And I’m not sorry.