Watch Kelela Have Sex with Her Hair in 'Blue Light'

I ripped that headline off Kelela’s tweet about her new video “Blue Light,” the latest single off her excellent debut album Take Me Apart. In this Helmi-directed clip, Kelela sways while her locs grow, forcing her clothes off her body and winding their away around her. In terms of existing media, it’s reminiscent of “Cocoon” by Björk, whom Kelela has previously named as an influence. While her slow jam bumps, Kelela’s increasingly bound body shimmers in the light in this solo display of sexuality and beauty. Simple and arresting.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.



Angelica Jade Bastien just wrote this wonderful piece over at vulture about the lack of quality representation of black witches. And here Kelela has given a visual of what an futuristic black witch might look like, as evidenced not only by the concept of the video, but the elongated nails as well.