Black Mirror: Crocodile Teaser Depicts a Future in Which Anyone Can Access Your Memories

Image via Youtube
Image via Youtube

Even though Netflix has not yet announced exactly when we’ll be getting the new Black Mirror season, they’ve decided to torture fans by steadily releasing new teasers for the episodes as part of a “13 Days of Black Mirror” celebration.

The newest clip is for the episode “Crocodile,” which according to IndieWire takes place in Iceland and focuses on Mia (Andrea Riseborough) whose memories of a dark secret begin to haunt her. It also reportedly features “a new device that can access your raw impressions of events.” Because Black Mirror knows your Facebook Memories will be weaponized some day!

Previously we got to see the trailer for the Jodie Foster-directed “Arkangel” which appears to be a helicopter parenting nightmare. The teasers, so far, are vague, though it’s not like I really need any more information to know that I’ll be binge-watching this whole season whenever it drops.

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How about a trailer that depicts the release date of the new season, instead of dragging it out for 4 months.