Congrats to Titanic, Once Again!


Every year, the Library of Congress selects 25 movies to be added to the National Film Registry. These movies are chosen for their “cultural, historic and/or aesthetic importance” and I am happy to say that Titanic is FINALLY getting its due!!!


Joining the big movie about the boat and love are other modern masterpieces like Goonies, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, and that movie about the man who can’t remember shit, Memento. Variety reports that the movies selected are chosen in part by public suggestion; that means that many someones out there took the time and the energy to write in Titanic as a movie that should be preserved for time immemorial. Someone aside from the staff of Jezebel recognized that James Cameron’s Titanic is important to the cultural history of this country—for allowing Celine Dion to sing that song, for introducing the world to what it means to be drawn like a French girl, and for igniting the sexual awakening of many people across this great nation via a pre-Pussy Posse Leonardo DiCaprio and his rakish, enduring love for Rose.

Congrats to Field of Dreams, also—another good movie that is iconic in many other ways, and also congrats to Dumbo, a film that should not be viewed by sensitive children whose parents just endured a nasty divorce, because it will certainly make them cry. The rest of the movies, which are just as worthy as Titanic, can be found here.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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JujyMonkey: unstable genius

What is this odd obsession with “Titanic”? I saw it and imo it was......fine.