Rare Fun at the Grammys, Brought to You By Bruno Mars and Cardi B

Don’t be alarmed, but for about three minutes tonight, the Grammys were actually joyous, thanks to Bruno Mars and Cardi B.


The duo, dripping in bright colors, brought their “Finesse” remix video to life on stage and livened up what’s typically the deadest concert of the year disguised as music’s biggest night. Cardi is once again the greatest, and Bruno continues to astound me in his role as that cute little kid who’s eager to show off his dance moves and won’t sit down until you acknowledge him.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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This track is literally the only time I find Cardi B not painful to listen to - because the new jack swing beat forces her not to rap like she normally does.

“The greatest”? Really?? Damn I am older and grumpier than I thought.