A Brief History of Matt Damon As a White Savior

Matt Damon loves an opportunity to save the day. Ever notice? In movies like We Bought a Zoo (he buys a zoo and proceeds to save it) and 2017's Downsizing (in which he miniaturizes himself and saves a Vietnamese refugee), Damon is always helping, healing, and protecting the world from harm on screen, or simply offering his sage advice as a means of salvation. Playing a perplexing ally (a stretch of a role) in 2016's The Great Wall was just the tip of the white savior iceberg. Here’s a rundown of Damon’s most heroic, good Samaritan, guardian angel scenes.


Video: Producer, Zoe Stahl; Editor, Eddie Costas

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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No shade intended, but isn’t “to save the day” the job of pretty much every lead in a movie? Not sure why Matt Damon is singled out here- should be the producers/directors/writers only funding/hiring/writing wypipo as leads. I mean, Damon can suck it as far as I’m concerned, but thinking the criticism should be shared with the rest of the industry.