Nicole Kidman Will Play a Therapist Who Needs Therapy on HBO

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Nicole Kidman, David E. Kelley’s muse, has just solidified her position as HBO’s limited series queen. She’s starring in yet another prestige series produced by Kelley and based on a book for the network, playing a woman whose life isn’t exactly as it seems, if you can believe it.


The book is Jean Hanff Korelitz’s You Should Have Known, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which tells the story of popular therapist Grace Sachs, played by Kidman, natch. Sachs is rich, has a kid in a prestigious school, and a seemingly devoted husband. She’s about to publish her first book and is living large in New York City. Then, tragedy strikes! Sach’s husband goes missing, and she has to start over. Perhaps somewhere with windswept beaches on the West Coast?

Kidman is not only starring; she’s also getting an executive producer title. And don’t forget, we’ll be seeing Kidman on HBO in 2019 for Big Little Lies: The Comeback in 2019, and she is also working on adapting Laine Moriarty’s new novel Truly Madly Guilty with Reese Witherspoon. There is not yet a network attached to that project, but sounds like it’s right up HBO’s alley: a book, a catchy title, and Nicole Kidman.

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“A therapist who needs therapy” That’s redundant.