Jane The Virgin, the Only Good Show, Is Ending

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Few shows balance humor, dramatic twists, false identities, and actual human feelings like Jane the Virgin. In fact, none of them do, and now it’s ending.


Next season is Jane the Virgin’s fifth and last, according to Deadline. This was expected; in addition to being wildly busy with new projects, star Gina Rodriguez did refer to it as the “last season” before things were official. To add insult to injury, they’ll be premiering mid-season, so we have awhile to wait before that HUGE TWIST is resolved, and I will refer to it down below so SPOILERS.

This is a show that sweeps you up in magic, romance, and the absurdity of watching Brooke Shields burn her eyebrows off, and then just as quickly has you sobbing over literally any bad thing that happens to Alba. The show has dedicated many episodes to the complications of immigration, treats abortion like it’s NBD, lovingly portrays the negotiations of chosen families, and still maintains the best love triangle on television. (But if she ends up with Michael, I am dead.)


Also, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is having its last season. Trust no network.

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Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex Girlfriend are both ending because the writers have a planned story line that is nearing its end, not because the CW doesn’t want to renew them (Crazy Ex Girlfriend was actually pitched as the full series arch). They are my among my favorite shows and I will definitely be sad when they are over, but don’t blame the network for this one. All shows should get to end this way!