Yvette Nicole Brown Will Fill In for Chris Hardwick on Talking Dead Following Abuse Allegations

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Last month, actor Chloe Dykstra posted a lengthy, harrowing essay on Medium detailing extensive sexual and emotional abuses she says she faced during a three-year relationship with “a mildly successful podcaster to a powerhouse CEO of his own company.” It didn’t take long for readers to realize she was accusing Nerdist founder and AMC’s Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick, and it didn’t take long for noted dumbass Adam Carolla to come to his defense.) AMC is currently investigating the accusations, and because of that, Hardwick will be replaced, temporarily, on Talking Dead by Yvette Nicole Brown (Community, Drake & Josh).


As the New York Daily News notes, Brown will also replace Hardwick at Comic-Con later this month, where he was originally asked to moderate a Talking Dead panel. When that news broke in early July, Brown tweeted that she was “filling in for a friend”:


At the very least, Hardwick is out of a job...for now.

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I love her. She's always my fav guest on it and as soon as the news about Hardwick came out my first thought was I hope Yvette gets the job. She's so into it with her notebook and she's funny. I'm looking forward to watching her on a show that's gotten boring about a show that's gotten boring yet I still tune in. FML