Netflix Ignores Feedback, Renews Insatiable for a Season 2

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Insatiable, the dark teen comedy that was accused of fat-shaming long before it even debuted—and which later revealed itself to be offensive to everyone and poorly made—is returning for a second season.


Netflix has greenlit part duex to premiere sometime in 2019 from creator Lauren Gussis, who went to bat for Insatiable by claiming that any controversy the show caused (and, consequentially, a petition calling for its cancellation with over 230,000 signatures) bordered on suppression. “We are, as a society, getting very close to the dangers of censorship,” she told The Hollywood Reporter in August. “I think that if we try to tell people how they should tell their stories, if we try to silence them, then we are doing the opposite of what art needs to do, which is to spark conversation.” All of that would be fine if the show was actually well-executed.

As Deadline reports, Gussis is an executive producer on Insatiable alongside Ryan Seacrest, Nina Wass, Andrea Shay, Todd Hoffman, and Dennis Kim.

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Kat Marlowe

“I think that if we try to tell people how they should tell their stories...”

...then it’s called a review. Not censorship. A. Review.

People not liking the project you created and suggesting that Netflix cancel it is not denying you a voice or whatever. You are not owed an outlet.