Malia Obama Is Living Her Best Damn College Life

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Screenshot: YouTube

Here’s a nice thing in a week of bullshit—Malia Obama in a music video for New Dakota’s “Walking On Air,” a band of boys from her college, Harvard.

As first pointed out by Vibe, Malia appears around the 1:40 minute mark to sing the song’s chorus. A few seconds later she busts out a harmonica. The premise is simple: the guys of the band have kicked out their singer, Chris, and are auditioning for a new frontperson. It’ s all very sweet! Malia looks like she’s having fun! I’m happy for her!

I will say this—the band is not great, but I’m sure it took Weezer a hot second to get a sound down and frontman Rivers Cuomo went to Harvard, too. There’s still time, boys. Perhaps Malia should consider fronting the group for real?

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Does no one at Harvard have access to a shower, brush, or razor?