What Is Bradley Cooper's Most Memorable Role?

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A star—Bradley Cooper—is soon to be born. And he’s not just as an actor, not just a Lady Gaga discoverer or People’s “un-fuckable” 2011 Sexiest Man (his words), not just a millionaire dedicated to perpetuating the myth that he’s a perennial “underdog... not a leading man” (once again, straight from his mouth.) No. With the release of A Star is Born, an auteur has been born.

During the press run for A Star Is Born (out this Friday), Cooper discussed his previous roles during an interview with W. He’s “always thought” he had “six characters” in him, and he’s already played most of them: “I’ve been a soldier [American Sniper], a musician [A Star Is Born], a chef [Burnt], and a disfigured person [The Elephant Man]. I still want to play a conductor. And then who knows?”

But what’s his most memorable role? Is it his superb voice acting as Rocket, the sassy raccoon from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise? Or is it something else? He’s also been in: Silver Linings Playbook, Limitless, The Hangover, and The A-Team.


The W interview concludes with Cooper sharing this nugget of wisdom:

“People I care about, who care about me, told me not to direct A Star Is Born, said that it would be too difficult and I should start with something easier. Luckily, I didn’t listen. I loved that it was really, really hard to make this film. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have the same value. And that’s always been my goal: to make something, no matter how challenging, that will be remembered.”

He already made something that will be remembered:


Which Bradley Cooper role is his most memorable? You decide.

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I’ll always remember him first for the role he hated the most... Will Tippin, on ALIAS.

But dollars-wise... I’d say Rocket Raccoon, but, you don’t see his face at all, and the voice is gruffer than his regular speaking voice. So I’d say — mathematically speaking — his most memorable role is probably Drunk McDrunkard from The Hangover trilogy.

P.S. He’s been a chef at least twice... the movie he mentioned but also the cancelled Kitchen Confidential TV series, in which he played “Jack Bourdain,” loosely based on Anthony Bourdain.