How Will Avengers: Endgame End?

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On Tuesday, Marvel released promotional character posters for the final film in its series. After about 10 years and 22 movies, it all ends (before probably beginning again) on April 26 with Avengers: Endgame. The posters, which say “Avenge the Fallen,” feature both the alive-superheroes and those who Raptured when Thanos turned half the world’s population into dust. Will they be okay? I don’t know. But yes, they will. These things tend to end predictably. Some theories below.


“We were able to bring everyone back except for Quill. That’s too bad.” -Iron Man


“It seems like the world is a better place now that we’ve saved it. We just can’t find Quill. But I think that’s fine.” -Captain America

“Thanos got his way. We didn’t win this Infinity War. But at least we got rid of the Star-Lord.” -Thor

“We saved the day and everyone who was dust is no longer dust. Somehow the character Chris Pratt plays didn’t make it back... But if that’s the case, I can be the new Star-Lord.” -Rabbit

“We have time to figure out who’ll be the new Guardian of the Galaxy. At least it’s not Peter Quill.” -Captain Marvel

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In a different Marvel article on AV Club (I think) someone commented that Thor worked really well with the GOTG and he should replace Quill as the leader. I am behind that idea 100%.