Killing Eve Is Getting a Third Season

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The second season of Killing Eve premiered (for Americans, that is) just last Sunday, but fans can now take comfort in the fact that a third season has already been confirmed.


NME reports that the show has been confirmed for a third season, with Suzanne Heathcote taking over as the showrunner. Heathcote was previously a story editor for The Walking Dead, so she’s no stranger to murder! Season 2 picks up with Villanelle escaping after Eve Polastri stabbed her in her Paris apartment and quickly opens several new doors as to where the season could go.

This is excellent news for viewers like myself, who could watch Villanelle delicately murder people while wearing beautiful dresses for hours.

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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Cool. Good. This and Cloak and Dagger give me TV happy time.