Street Food Chefs in Asia Get Their Due

The days of the white male chef TV host, who roams “exotic” countries and teaches potential tourist viewers about the far-out food he’s eating, are thankfully ending. Women like Samin Nosrat have been reshaping what food television can be, while programs like Chef’s Table focus stories around chefs rather than just the dishes. Similarly, Street Food will (as the title suggests) follow street food chefs across Asia and let the local experts tell their stories in lieu of a roving journalist or bad boy American chef.


The series travels to Thailand, India, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, Eater reports, focusing on three or four local chefs in each destination and what brought them to make street food in the first place. Some of these chefs, as the trailer notes, have spent their whole lives perfecting one dish and the show will cover delicacies from Taiwanese goat stew to South Korean bean pancakes.

“I’m old, but I always tell them, ‘You may be younger, but I’m stronger,’” says chef Jay Fai, whose Bangkok restaurant known for its crab omelet won a Michelin star. Street Food hits Netflix on April 26.

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel

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South Korean bean pancakes.

Out of all the amazing Korean street food, they picked bindaetteok?! Fuck outta here and don’t come back without eomukguk (fish cakes in anchovy broth), sundae (blood sausage with bean thread noodles), and hotteok (pan-fried cinnamon sugar pancakes).