Has Lil Nas X Actually Ridden a Horse Yet?

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Lil Nas X, undisputed Prince of the Yee Haw Agenda with his mega-hit “Old Town Road,” says he still has not ridden an actual horse.

At least, that’s what he told The New York Times in a video about how the song was made. It’s a great breakdown for anyone still unsure of how “Old Town Road” went so viral so fast, including how Lil Nas X grabbed the free beat off of Youtube from a Dutch teenager and used memes and TikTok to help the classic spread. Towards the end of the video reporter Joe Coscarelli asks Lil Nas X if he’s ever ridden a horse.

“Not yet, that’s the craziest part,” he says, but adds that it will probably happen in the music video. “Of course, come on now.”


Now, the video for “Old Town Road” has been shot already according to Lil Nas X’s Twitter, but whether or not he rides a horse in it is still unclear. What further complicates this are photos he took with Billy Ray Cyrus back in April, showing him sitting on a horse. But did he ride it, is the question.

Whether or not Lil Nas X has ridden a horse does not dispute his status as a cowboy, at least in my book. But if someone doesn’t get him a god damn horse to ride, how the hell will he get to the old town road?

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