Midsommar Will Make You Burn Every Flower Crown and Never Go to a Festival Again

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Festivals suck. It’s usually just a lot of people rolling around in the field, horny for each other, wearing weird clothes they can’t wear to the office. As we’ve seen with Burning Man, it doesn’t even matter if there’s live music playing; people just want an excuse to go to a field, wear a flower crown, and “free” themselves from the doldrums of modern life for a few days.

In the new movie Midsommar, a bunch of young people visit a Swedish summer festival from hell, perhaps literally from hell. “It’s sort of a crazy festival, special ceremonies and dressing up,” the movie’s lead Dani is told in the trailer. “That sounds fun,” she replies. No bitch! It does not! Directed by Hereditary’s Ari Aster, from the looks of the trailer, the movie looks unsurprisingly terrifying, but at least it also has resident good boy of The Good Place Chidi (William Jackson Harper) in a starring role.

Countdown to the Swedish government getting pissed! And remember, don’t go to festivals, no matter how gorgeous the Instagrams look.

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Imagine the horror when they’re forced to assemble cheap furniture with only pictographic instructions and a hex key.