Rihanna Is Trolling

The face of a beautiful troll
The face of a beautiful troll
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Everyone is thirsty for new Rihanna music. They’re so thirsty that now Rihanna is trolling fans who won’t stop asking her for a new album.


The Fader reports that Rihanna, now a fashion designer, was selling a snarky shirt at her Fenty pop-up in New York City on Tuesday. The $230 shirt reads “No More Music” on the back.

Let’s back up! There is new music, for sure, because Rihanna has confirmed as much in interviews. When it’s coming out, or if she’d scrap it entirely, is another question. There is a hard drive somewhere in the universe filled with Rihanna songs, make no mistake, so you can stop breathing into a paper bag for now. She’s just far too busy right now building, uh, a groundbreaking fashion house.

The troll shirts will reportedly be available for sale online starting Wednesday. When exactly Rihanna’s mystery album will be for sale, TBD???

Pop Culture Reporter, Jezebel



For those who are confused she confirmed she is trolling: