Woodstock 50 Is Apparently Imploding Again, to No One's Surprise

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To the surprise of not one single person, things continue to bode poorly for Woodstock 50, a festival that is allegedly happening in... two weeks.


Though organizers originally announced a lineup full of big names like Miley Cyrus, Imagine Dragons, Dead & Company, and Jay-Z, it turns out most of those artists aren’t interested in following the festival to its new home at Maryland’s Merriweather Post Pavilion.

According to Rolling Stone, the Lumineers, Carlos Santana, and the Raconteurs have all dropped out, as have John Fogerty and the aforementioned Jay-Z and Dead & Company. Variety reports that Miley Cyrus pulled out on Tuesday.

It’s not clear whether headliners Imagine Dragons and The Killers will remain in the lineup, or, frankly, whether the problem-plagued festival will happen at all. Merriweather OKed the festival—which was pushed out of Vernon Downs in New York after organizers failed to secure permits—under the condition that at least some of the bands would follow.

So far the Zombies are still onboard, so perhaps Woodstock 50 can rebrand as, you know, just a Zombies concert, though Rolling Stone reports organizers still haven’t bothered to file for permits in Maryland. As a reminder, the festival is scheduled for August 16, which is a mere 16 days away, about half a Fyre Festival planning schedule. I look forward to the Netflix doc.




So like the original, then.

(Seriously. The reason this thing became some kind of fucking emblem of the Boomer Sixties Experience is because the festival was such a clusterfuck of a disaster that they had to sell Woodstock nostalgia for almost thirty straight years to get back to break-even. At the time, it was just another shitty music festival.)