Feeling Godlike and Horny: Hello, It's Your 2019 Emmys Liveblog!

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After months of succumbing to whatever the internet is watching and borrowing countless logins for a truly sickening amount of streaming services (Netflix! Hulu! Showtime! HBO! Amazon Prime! Starz!), we have arrived at this place again: the 2019 Emmy Awards. So many great shows and characters died this yearGame of Thrones, Veep, The Good Place, Jane the Virgin—so that many more mediocre ones could live. So that you and I could continue to enjoy an awards show that celebrates Carpool Karaoke and be sorry to that man.


How many jokes can we tell about how there’s too much TV? How will the Emmys honor Daenerys? Who the HELL is hosting this thing? (Jezebel would’ve nominated Emmy-nominated Joanna Rothkopf). This year, Pose is up against Succession and This Is Us in the drama category, and Sandra Oh must win. Let’s do it live.

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