Please Don't Tag the Real Michelle Williams As the Other Michelle Williams

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Do you see that woman up there? That woman is Michelle Williams. No, not the actress Michelle Williams, the former member of Destiny’s Child and singer Michelle Williams.

This is an important distinction because Williams (not the actress) is currently being confused for Williams (not the singer). Williams (the singer) took to Instagram after people in her comments were upset about the speech Williams (the actress) made at the Emmys on Sunday night, calling for equal pay and pointing out that women of color make less than white men and white women.

This confusion shouldn’t be happening, Williams (the singer) says. “How come when y’all are tagging me and congratulating a person, do you all see that I’m black?” she says, filming from her car. “I am BLACK!”


She says she liked the Emmy’s speech, but that people need to “look and see in that little small hole” that is the Instagram avatar. “Reading is fundamental, so is observation,” she says.

She’s not wrong! Look before you tag people. Not every Michelle Williams is the same Michelle Williams!

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Hear, hear. People showing they are lazy AF. The people doing this are dumb and proving they know nothing about either Michelle Williams. Michelle Williams(actress) would never have a twitter.