Harry Styles Gives Us a Horny Anthem to Grind on Friends to

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Yes, horny anthems to grind on your friends to: Harry Styles, “Lights Up” - I wasn’t expecting an extremely horny Harry Styles single would lift the apathetic gloom of fall—but here we are! His voice soars over a shimmering guitar and infection handclap, and the middle 8 shows a mastery of the pop-rock blend he’s spent his solo career perfecting. I won’t ponder too hard on its curious release on National Coming Out Day, with a chorus that announces: “Step into the light/so bright sometimes/I’m not ever going back!” But if it comes on at party, I’d be happy to grind—as sweaty as Styles—on just about anyone. —Joan Summers

No: Maroon 5, “Memories” - Now that he’s off of The Voice, Adam Levine and his band of merrymen have time to release unmemorable nonsense that will undoubtedly win them awards some day. What a world. —Maria Sherman


Yes: ATEEZ, “WONDERLAND” - Every single K-Pop boy band ATEEZ has dropped this year has been addictive enough to inspire me to play it on repeat, which is more than I can say for most pop music in 2019. “WONDERLAND” is no “Say My Name,” but Mingi’s deep baritone is still on display, and that’s what I really want. As far as I am concerned, with him on their side, they can do no wrong. —MS

Also yes: Rata Negra, “¿Qué Tendrá?” - Anyone with an interest in modern-day post-punk will tell you the best bands in the sub-genre are Spanish language acts. Madrid’s Rata Negra fit the form, but they also transform it into simple, hooky, timeless, gothy punk rock. Doesn’t hurt that the single “¿Qué Tendrá?” pulls from a José María Gabriel y Galán poem. —MS


I mean, I guess?: Halsey, “Graveyard” (music video) - This is just an episode of Euphoria, right? I guess Halsey knows her audience. —MS


Hell yeah, summer’s still here (in my heart): Moneybagg Yo, Megan Thee Stallion, “All Dat”: All hail Megan Thee Stallion’s knee cartilage and her ability to twerk endlessly in an infinity pool. There’s something nice about this pastel-hued, Miami-adjacent dreamscape. Who among us has not entertained a fantasy of climbing across a glass table with the cheeks out, only to let Moneybagg Yo drive the boat? Rumor has it these two are maybe dating, and if so, I thank them for this glimpse into their private life. - Megan Reynolds

Senior Writer, Jezebel

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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Muqaddimah (call me Muck)

infection handclap

OMG. Is this some sort of new STD you can get from...uhhh... “self-pleasure”?