Open Thread: Jacqueline Novak on Why a Penis Is Actually Feminine

Let’s close out this Thursday with an open thread and a really funny clip trying to explain how the penis is actually the most feminine part of the male body.


Comedian Jacqueline Novak stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday night to promote her new show “Get On Your Knees,” which is obviously about oral sex. “I think all the stereotypes about women, the classic, really stupid, obvious stereotypes could easily describe the penis. They’re so sensitive, they’re always reacting to things. They’re needy, they nag you, they poke in the night,” Novak said. “One minute the life of the party, and the next flopped over on the fainting couch that is the inner thigh, just waiting for someone to notice that frankly she’s upset. I’m invoking stereotypes in order to be misogynist towards the penis. I feel like that has value.”

Meyers, ever the agreeable host, agreed. Hope y’all made it through the holiday!

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I took the rubbish out this afternoon, fainted hit my head and am now in hospital overnight  because I kept vomiting and feel dizzy. Happy thanksgiving to my sns friends I’m thankful for you all ❤️