Get Ready for Season 2 of The Only Good Show About Blogging

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Shrill, the only good show about being a blogger (and particularly a woman blogger, who has to deal with a barrage of daily death threats from strangers over the stupidest posts), is coming back! Yay! I mean, yay to the show coming back, not the death threats!

Season 2, which drops January 24 on Hulu, will seemingly focus on what Annie is doing after she quits her alt-weekly job post-newfound-blogging-fame. Her future is somewhat bleak (she’s offered an unpaid internship) but also fun (she has sex in a meadow). And there are, thank god, many, many cute outfits.

My extremely selfish question is: So is Annie going to work at Jezebel, or what? I know Shrill isn’t totally based on Lindy West’s real life, but there are noticeable parallels. West left her job at The Stranger (a fictionalized Portland alt-weekly on the show) and started to write for Jezebel not too long after. Will we see Annie rewatch Love Actually?!

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Maybe she’ll work for a cheekily named homage like “The Corset” from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend...