Denise Richards Stands By Husband's Bizarre RHOBH Dinner Party Comments

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The women of The Real Housewives franchise are no strangers to crazy dinner parties: Teresa Giudice’s iconic “prostitution whore!” table shake, Aviva Drescher throwing her prosthetic leg across a restaurant, the e-cig smoking psychic who knows when you’re going to die. But there was something uniquely bizarre about the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, when Denise Richards’s husband Aaron Phypers began talking about how he healed an achilles injury with no surgery and how cancer actually protects you.


It was freaky. But Denise Richards hasn’t seen the episode yet, admitting to Us Weekly that she’s a little behind. And as for all the attention the episode is getting, Richards stands by everything her husband said. She said:

We don’t regret anything. And I think during the dinner, you have to also know your audience, and during the dinner we realized, ‘OK, this isn’t the audience to tell this to, so we’re going to wrap up the conversation’...We are ourselves and that’s who we want to be. We don’t want to try and be something we’re not, and it’s part of what he does. So I think it’s OK to talk about it. Like I said, you have to know your audience too and that wasn’t the audience at the dinner table.


Totally hear her on that point about not being something you’re not. However, it might be easier to know what Phypers doesn’t do if I knew what the hell he actually does do.

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Come on, folks. She was married to Charlie Sheen. And it wasn’t a quickie Kevin Federline/Britney Spears marriage. It lasted a few years. If you can find a connection with that crazy human, you’ve got to be a wee bit crazy yourself.