You Can Finally Watch the Black-ish Episode Shelved For Being Too Anti-Trump

Kenya Barris
Kenya Barris
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Nearly two years ago Kenya Barris left his contract at ABC to work on projects for Netflix, explaining that one of the reasons for his departure was that the network had actively censored an episode of Black-ish for its anti-Trump commentary, keeping it from being aired entirely. In a 2018 profile for The Hollywood Reporter, Barris said he hoped the episode would never get out because he’d “fucking get sued.” Well, he must have changed his mind, because now you can finally watch that episode on Hulu today.

In a statement Barris posted to Twitter, he writes that he is still “incredibly proud” of the episode which can now be seen on Hulu. The episode titled “Please, Baby, Please,” was ultimately shelved by ABC because it included a scene where Dre tells Devante a bedtime story that included “news footage of Donald Trump, the Charlottesville attacks and the NFL kneeling protests.”

Parent company Disney pulling the episode over its material was surprising given Black-ish has never shied away from conversations about race and politics that are unique for a sitcom of its kind. Disney got spooked by the material and tried to get Barris to rewrite it, to no avail.


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Rarely Sober Insomniac

<A drunk's imagining of the meeting where all this shook out:>

“Hey, we here at Disney really like what you do and think that your work is great. Just great. But if we could get you to rewrite some of -”


“ - we just think that, with the current climate and all, if you could remove some of the negative Trump references and -”


“Oh, well. Very disappointing but I guess Disney won’t be able to keep on working with -”

“I quit. Bye!”