Drew Barrymore's Wild Week

Drew WeeklyDrew WeeklyHighlighting the very special moments of Drew Barrymore’s very special talk show, served sunny-side up (just like how Drew likes it!)

Some things I learned from watching the entire first week run of the absolutely out-of-control Drew Barrymore Show:

  • Drew Barrymore sees this show as an opportunity to take her interests, put them in a piggy bank, and break it on the floor every day.
  • Her children love to eat at gas stations.
  • She loves stain removal.
  • She is generally not at risk for pregnancy.
  • The word “kookadoodle.”
  • We are to consider her our human scrapbook for fun stories.
  • Being read to is one of the most amazing things she’s ever witnessed.

And so much more! Barrymore is a nonstop ball of energy (to quote from I Am Every Good Thing, a children’s book from which she read) and, while watching her can be exhausting, there’s something endearing about her indefatigable enthusiasm that often manifests as wackiness. Kookadoodle, indeed! Is this the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship, or a one-way street to cancellation? Too early to call, but I’m riveted regardless. Below, a montage of highlights from Barrymore’s first week on air. May you find her show as enjoyable as she does!

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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I can’t hate this person (based on what little I know about her anyway). This seems to be fun for her. I greatly appreciate her enthusiasm, but I wonder if she screams with excitement as often in real life. It’s a bit much.