Drew Barrymore Has Finally Revealed What Drug She's On

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For some of us (or, at least me), watching Drew Barrymore bound through her weekday mornings (I mean every single one of them, still, six weeks into her eponymous talk show’s run) with the nervous exhilaration of an optimistic skydiver whose parachute won’t open is a real I’ll-have-what-she’s-having viewing experience. This week, she revealed what is perhaps a crucial ingredient in her effervescent fuel: Lexapro. “Twenty milligrams right now, I could stick a fork in my leg, I wouldn’t feel it,” she said. The more you know!

Elsewhere, Drew interviewed her hero, Marie Kondo, and shared with the clutter guru a story about her flashing VCR and the anxiety she had for the little men she suspected of working overtime in that machine. Also, there was a considerable amount of bumbling this week as Drew broke a toilet during a plumbing tutorial, wrestled with a blender, used a mandolin cutter for the first time, and made a frantic soup with her expressive daytime forbear, Rachael Ray.

As usual, she loved a lot, gave us even more metaphors (her recurring segment Designed by Drew is a “seven-layer dip of dreams”), motorboated a bowl of Kraft mac and cheese, and compared herself to a squirrel in traffic.

Also, please watch this extended lavishing of compliments on author Glennon Doyle. Drew tends to heap praise on her guests, so much so that those who haven’t been anointed a messiah by the end of their segment must wonder if Drew actually likes them at all. But this is effusive even for Drew, as she goes full infomercial on Doyle’s bestseller Untamed (“If you are talking about big ticket items, this is the book for you; if you are talking small changes, this is the book for you; if you are talking about how to get in touch with your truth and inner voice, this is the book for you!”). She also calls Doyle the “best, funniest, wittiest writer ever.” Ever! Look at who we get to share the planet with! We’re all so lucky.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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Teenage lightning 2020

Great, thanks Drew Barrymore, for helping to reinforce everyone’s incorrect assumption that SSRIs “numb” you and actually make you unaware of reality. If she actually took Lexapro, there’s no way she’d describe it that way. And now there’s even more people I’m gonna have to convince that just because I’m on an SSRI doesn’t mean that I’m a zombie with no feelings.