New Reminder of Your Inevitable Mortality Just Dropped

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Screenshot: Warner Bros./YouTube

Only ‘90s kids will feel the hot, humid breath of Death on the back of their necks while reading the following few sentences: Warner Bros. just released the first trailer for Space Jam: A New Legacythe sequel to Space Jam, which came out about 25 years ago. The new film stars LeBron James instead of Michael Jordan, who is 58 years old now. That’s two years shy of 60! Speaking of aging and other matters concerning or otherwise pertaining to being older, you know who else has aged 25 years since 1996? The girl reading this. Tick tock, old! Get ready to die! But first, watch the trailer below...

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I used to get freaked out about age, but after this pandemic, fuck it, I'm proud to be 30 and possibly turning old.