3 Major Things You Might Have Missed in the New Star Wars Trailer

Screenshot: YouTube/Lucasfilm

After so much anticipation (40 years), the new Star Wars: Episode IX trailer is here. All of our friends are back: Rey, BB-8, him, him, and Adam Driver. A close watch reveals a few important details that may have escaped you the first time around.

Here’s the trailer to see if you can spot them:

Now let’s dig in:

1. Darth Vader lives on top of this mountain


It will be revealed in the movie that Darth Vader is not dead. Instead, he just moved to the top of this mountain.

2. Darth Vader lives behind this rock five months out of the year

Though the mountain is his primary residence, it gets too cold to live there from November through April, so Darth Vader relocates to behind this rock for part of each year. Look closely and you can almost see his helmet sticking out from behind the rock.

3. Darth Vader is currently building a third home

At a particularly tense moment in the film, the friends will visit the construction site of Darth Vader’s third home. “You’re going to have to go in with some imagination because it’s a total mess right now,” he warned them before they arrived.


December 20, come soon!

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