A Bump on the Head Convinces Amy Schumer That She's Supermodel Gorgeous in I Feel Pretty Trailer

Will Amy Schumer’s I Feel Pretty be a hilarious exploration of the power of confidence or one big self-own? Will her character, who bumps her head in Soul Cycle and then magically sees herself as undeniably pretty in a sort of one-woman riff on the Shallow Hal premise, emerge wise or foolish for carrying herself with the confidence a mediocre man? Is it kind of fucked up that the movie is interrogating the extent to which Amy Schumer is not conventionally beautiful, whatever that means? Is it expecting coherence from a dumb summer romantic comedy asking too much? We’ll see June 29.

The I Feel Pretty trailer was unveiled on today’s episode of Ellen, and the talk show audience’s reaction gives it the effect of having a laugh track. Enjoy, I guess?


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