A Look Back at Sad Presidential Wannabe Rick Perry's Best Dancing With the Stars Moments

On Tuesday evening, former Texas governor and death penalty enthusiast Rick Perry was eliminated in the third week of Dancing With the Stars 23rd season.


As Perry discovered his own love of ballroom dance, we learned a lot too. We learned there are no depths to how low a politician can fall; that a dancing show will not judge you for the content of your character, but by the content of your paso doble; that a sprained ankle cannot keep Rick from competing against Vanilla Ice in a high-pressure face-off competition.

We’ll miss you, Rick, and look forward to seeing you back in the finale as an enthusiastic background shimmier.

Senior Editor, Jezebel



Dancing With the Stars 23rd season.

*runs to HRC’s website for a fact check*
Omg, it’s true! How!!!!